External Advisory Board

Neal R. Armstrong, Ph.D. Advisory Board Chair
Regents' Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Arizona
Neal R. Armstrong
John J. Boland, Ph.D. Professor School of Chemistry, CRANN
Trinity College, Dublin
John Boland
Steven C. Freilich, Ph.D. Director, Materials Science and Engineering
E.I. Du Pont Central Research and Development
Steven Freilich
Elena Galoppini, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry
Rutgers University
Elena Galoppini
Felek Jachimowicz, Ph.D. Vice President of Innovation
W.R. Grace, Cambridge, MA
Felek Jachimowicz
Josef Michl, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Colorado at Boulder
Josef Michl
Garry Rumbles, Ph.D. Research Fellow
National Renewable Energy Lab
Gary Rumbles
Russell Schmehl, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry
Tulane University
Russell Schmehl


Internal Advisory Board

Nathan P. Blouin,
Office of Research Development
Nathan Blouin
Christopher J. Clemens, Ph.D. Senior Associate Dean for Natural Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences, UNC
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Christopher Clemens
Christian Iliadis, Ph.D. Chair, Physics and Astronomy Department
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Christian Iliadis
A. Bradley Ives, JD Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises
Brad Ives
Jeffrey S. Johnson, Ph.D. A. Ronald Gallant Distinguished Professor
Chair of Chemistry Department
Jeffrey Johnson
Terry Magnuson, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Research
Sarah Graham Kenan Professor of Genetics
Terry Magnuson
Richard Superfine, Ph.D. Chair, Department of Applied Physical Sciences
Taylor-Williams Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Richard Superfine
Carol P. Tresolini, Ph.D. Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives
Carol Tresolini